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American, born 1960


Robert Mann was born in Clintonville, Wisconsin in 1960. He attended the Ohio State University School of Music and in 1980 received his B.A. in music theory and performance from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. He later also attended the Los Angeles City College with studies in astronomy, photography, and 20th century composition. In 1990 he studied platinum printing at the Maine Photographic Workshops and in 1992 he attended the pigment printing workshop at the Fine Print Studios of the Düsseldorf Museum.

During the 1980's he was involved with many experimental music and performance art projects incorporating visual installations with electronic and prepared instruments. These projects led to his involvement with the Art Club in Los Angeles which was a vehicle for the advancement of creative projects in the Los Angeles area. Concurrently Robert was also chief photographer for Exposure Magazine in Los Angeles. Discovering that he had a strong talent in photographic printing, he started a business to support his artistic endeavors. He soon became one of the most sought after photographic specialists printing the work of Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton, Mary Ellen Mark, and Sheila Metzner among many others.

In 1989, with an international reputation in photography and photographic printing, Robert moved to Paris, where he now resides. He currently uses pinhole cameras exclusively to achieve his ethereal images and continues to print privately for a select group of photographers while producing his own works for gallery and museum exhibitions.


Solo Exhibitions

2003 Orbits, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2002 Reflections, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
0000 Flowers, Michael Dunsford Gallery, Seattle, Washington
2001 One Off, Special Photographers Gallery, London, England
0000 Vues de Touraine, Maison du Loir et Cher, Blois, France
1999 Window Series, Pinhole Visions Gallery, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
1998 Sans Objectif, Carré Davidson Galerie, Tours, France
0000 Paysages Touraine, Carré Davidson Galerie, Tours, France

Selected Group Exhibitions

2003 Marubi 2003, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania
2002 New Gallery Opening, Charles Nes Gallery, New York, New York
2001 American Photographers, Alliance Française, New York, New York
0000 Why Pinhole?, Visual Studies Gallery, Rochester, New York
0000 Contact 2001, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2000 Out There Here, Provincetown Museum of Art, Provincetown, Massachusetts
0000 Tracing Shadows, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1999 Millennium, Special Photographers Gallery, London, England
0000 Magiae Naturalis, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
0000 Pinhole Art, Ohio Art League Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
1998 Camera Ready, York Quay Gallery, Toronto, Canada
0000 Pinhole International, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1997 Avant Premier, Claude Samuel Galerie, Paris, France
0000 Esprit des Lieux, Château de Tours, Tours, France
0000 Petit Format, Carré Davidson Galerie, Tours, France


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