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French, born 1960



Atlantic Plants Project. This work, inspired by the Americans: Edward Weston, his son Brett, Paul Strand and Alfred Stieglitz, is an elegant study of southern European plants in black and white.



The Bergman Portrait Project, encompasses portraits of the entire artistic and technical team of Ingmar Bergman at the Dramaten.



The Cambridge Project, includes portraits of the professors, scientists, researchers, students, school staff, and gardeners in their respective workplace. Five thousand negatives were produced for this work, which was exhibited at Christie's, King Street in 1995 and published in French Vogue in 1997.



Collaborates with the Conde-Nast publications, Vogue Hommes, Vogue Decoration.



At age seventeen, F. Bertin became blind. Thanks to the attentive care of the doctors and nurses at Moorfield he regains eyesight three months later.


1966-1976 Frederick Bertin's childhood was spent learning to look at master paintings of Europe's leading museums from Brueggel at the Rijks Museum to Turner at the Tate.

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