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Charles Nes Fine Art Photography
New York - Paris


The following artists are represented:

Richard Ballarian: Urban Man Series

Mr. Ballarian's prints use techniques he has developed since 1995. The colors and the print's painted look in these silver gelatin (black and white) papers is a result of normal darkroom printing: exposure (multiple), developer bath, fixing, wash, toning and rewashing. Some toner baths and delays (oxygenation) have given these prints coloration.

Frederick Bertin: Atlantic Plant Series

This work, inspired after studying the Americans: Edward Weston, his son Brett, Paul Strand and Alfred Stieglitz, is an elegant study of southern European plants in black and white.

Robert Mann: Flowers - Landscapes

With an international reputation in photography and photographic printing, Robert Mann currently uses pinhole cameras exclusively to achieve his ethereal images and continues to print privately for a select group of photographers while producing his own works for gallery and museum exhibitions.

Ian Paterson: Petits Ponts Series

Ian Paterson was a curator of historical and contemporary art at the Oakville Galleries in Canada. In 1982 he moved permanently to Paris, France to practice his art. He has been a Drawing Professor at Parsons School of Design in Paris since 1986.

Ilan Wolff: The Four Elements

The emulsified paper documents its contact with fundamental reality, not only with light but also with the four alchemical elements - earth, air, fire, and water - engaging other senses besides sight. Wolff's technique transmutes these elements into images and photography itself into a multisensory record of natural events, a nonfigurative "landscape". 160 years after photography's invention, Ilan Wolff has returned to the medium's origins in order to rediscover its promise beyond the visible.